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[EDIT] Medical & State of Pam

So my last recourse didn't fail me. I'm just a pussy when it comes to dosage. I hate having to take *anything* to feel okay. Can't my body just work right?

Anyway... it's been a bad couple of weeks. Thinks keep deteriorating. Luckily, Adam is here, and is understanding, even when I loose my temper and yell, or nearly cause an accident because my brain fog is so bad.No one was scared except us. There were extenuating circumstances. I'd just nearly gotten hit not 5 minutes earlier* and didn't realize how frazzled I was..

*by a guy who'd just been pulled over**
**And his nearly hitting me was all in front of the cop no less!

It's just... life is too hard right now. Too hard. And I can't start missing doctors meetings, even if they go no where. (For now.)
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