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I am a snob... looking for TOP SHELF POETRY

I am a downright snobby, prissy, elitist poetry princess. I will only read top shelf poetry, otherwise I'll do without.

Everyone claims they know about good poetry like they know good music. But even good musicians can have crap songs.

I like Neruda, T.S. Elliot (now there was a snobby poet, and rightfully so!), I don't know enough about Rilke. I like Sufi riddle poems. Hell, I like riddles, but I know most books on em.

Choose your favorite poet.
Choose *ONE* work of theirs, no longer than the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.
Reply here.
Tell me why *this* is your only choice.
Paste the poem in (URL if copyright is an issue)

And let the discussions begin!

No, your favorite poem can't be a song. And squares and rectangles are both parollelograms.

Edgar Allen Poe - dch4
Mary Oliver - raenshadoe*
Kerouac - rasputinaxp
Arthur O'Shaughnessy - lucide13

*Gold Star
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