Pam Curtis (pamc) wrote,
Pam Curtis

I wanna do viral marketing for Intel!!! "Writer's Block: A Few of the Challenges I Face"

This writer's block ( was written with corporate sponsorship in mind. They've replaced my LJ was a marketing tool. Bastards.

I've used the same tags they used in the writer's block post just to be snide about it.

If I were doing marketing for Intel, I'd do so unapologetically:

Intel, when you absolutely have to email 2.5 million people about penis enlargement in less than a second.
Intel - because you need your computer to crash more effectively.
Intel - because we didn't make enough money the last time we sold you horribly outdated equipment.

And they wonder why the new generation hates the corporate sponsor game.
Tags: intel, intel sponsors of tomorrow, lifestyle challenges, writer's block
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