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[juju] turn of the year...

Now with Lughnasdh come and gone, I'm feeling the slide into fall. Harvest time before the Turning Within time. I'm harvesting the last of the crops (which was a horrible disaster this year, but lessons learned and on to next year). I'm planning winter recipes and calorie counting the whole family can agree upon (because I like cooking, damnit, and why not?).

The close of this the 5th cycle of my birth (35), I'm feeling pretty determined. Pretty Granny Weatherwax.

Things I need to get done - compost the soil & store for winter. Stack the pots & secure for winter. Watch for frost reports for bringing in year-round plants. Design plant shelves & set up before the frost comes.

Continue at hacking away at the basement disaster. See if there isn't low-hanging-fruit in the form of space in the garage. Rescue precious items from the garage/basement. Find them homes.

Get a sewing station started. Find the patterns of the clothes you want & make them. Classy.

Endeavor to persevere...

Should be fun!.
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