Pam Curtis (pamc) wrote,
Pam Curtis

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36 cycles around the sun....

Wow... made it another year. Today has been a great day. It's unusually warm. I got a surprise call from my train buddy. Got another surprise call from France. Got a call from my sister!

I'm growing up. I'm getting better at being good. Good daughter, good sister, good friend.

Oh, this life is a difficult and mysterious thing. Everyone is fighting a terrible battle. But I'm learning to have a good attitude despite it all. Learning to be patient....

I'm not like other people. I'm so looking forward to old age! This "youthism" in American culture is not a good thing IMNSHO. Old age is where it's at. Wisdom and wonder. Experience. Each birthday is an accomplishment to me. Not only have I survived (which gets trickier & trickier every year, it seems), but I've now got 36 years of life under my belt. I *know* stuff. I've *been* places. I've *done* things. I've lived it.

So bring on the grey hairs! I've earned every last one of those suckers. I'm a-gonna wear them with PRIDE.

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