Pam Curtis (pamc) wrote,
Pam Curtis

[juju] Fade to black

Occult means hidden. Occlusion.... fade to black.

I've got a family that gossips. Nothing stays private for long. And with a family (at least on my father's side) of over 100... we're talking a fairly large community knowing your business.

Most of the family in-the-know juju wise is fairly good at not getting involved in things like facebook or livejournal. I've been alone for so long I've needed it for my social outlets.

But there's a permanence on the internet that's worse in some ways.there is so much duplication of information from scan-bots and search engines that ... well... it's past the tipping point of any individual's control.

And I just can have that with what I'm agonna need to be doing.

less is more.

So my apologies if you're gonna miss me. You can email me at
Tags: farewell, juju

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