Pam Curtis (pamc) wrote,
Pam Curtis

[repost] R.I.P. Phil Harris, Captain of F/V Cornelia Marie :(

Everything I needed to know I learned from Baring Sea fisherman...
[first 25 were from July 26, 2008]

1. Mother Nature is bad enough. Bitching doesn't make the experience safer or better.
2. If it ain't about life or death, it ain't big enough to be serious about.
3. If it is about life or death, everything else can wait.
4. It may be a shitty job at the bottom, but that's where the learning starts. You'll need all those fuckups to survive once you get to the glory job of working on the rail.
5. Superstitions are superstitions for a reason. And they often work better than technology.
6. If they're laughing at you, it's because you're funny. Do yourself a favor and laugh with them.
7. Good enough is just that: good enough.
8. You know you're lucky when you're only lucky *exactly* when you need it.
9. Don't gainsay the captain.
10. Fate is only understanding that things never make sense at the time, even if we think they make sense.
11. I will never argue the price of King Crab.
12. You got to be more than a little crazy to want to do those jobs.
13. Not being cut out for the job isn't a bad thing.
14. Age and treachery will always beat youth and enthusiasm. Until it doesn't.
15. If you win a wager, tithe to the fallen soldiers.
16. It's called "fishing" not "catching".
17. Pranks are like fishing: they require a lot of work for a smooth execution and they're "serious" business (precisely because they're not serious and they keep everyone else not serious).
18. The most dangerous thing is just getting *on* the boat.
19. The Coast Guard is a harder job than any of the other Armed Forces.
20. Real Life is FAR more interesting than fiction or "Reality" TV.
21. You know conditions are bad when the Coast Guard is in crisis.
22. The Baring Sea does not have a sense of humor.
23. When even the SEAS are confused, you're in a world of trouble.
24. Be very afraid of the people who are willing to fish in sub-zero temperatures, 100mph winds, and 50-foot waves---all at the same time. Be even MORE afraid when their Captain is afraid.
25. When Capt. Sig is whining to go home, you know it's been a bad Opi season.* [added during the 2008-9 season - gods, that was a bad winter in Seattle!]

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