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I complain about my health. That makes other people uncomfortable, I know. We're not supposed to talk about our health in this culture. For one, that's something personal. So personal that we even protect it by law with doctor-patient confidentiality. For two, we don't praise weakness in this culture, and admitting health problems is doing exactly that. Or so it seems. But for someone who is chronically ill, it's a little different.

See, if I were you I'd be complaining about my job, or traffic, or stupid people I have to deal with on a regular basis. We are a complaining species. But I don't have a job or a commute and the number of people I deal with on a weekly basis is small. I deal with my health. That's pretty much all I deal with. That and doctors. I'm complaining about what I know.

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Dec. 25th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
There are a half dozen people on my "friends list" that I read. You're one of them. Over the years, I have read your journal and winced at how life has often treated you. We ARE a complaining species, probably the only one. But, like myself, you don't allow this cosmic anomaly called humanity to pass you by unnoticed. We're all, "Hey! I'm here and I have a problem!", not always expecting that anyone gives a shit, but hoping that on the off chance, someone might stop and sit with us for a moment and empathize with our plight; to take a bit of the edge off. It's why I continue to complain about my job. After 16 years with the same company, I feel I know it pretty well and owe it to them to say when something has gone askew...quite LOUDLY, in fact. Like you, I complain to people who understand my job, because to the layman, it's much ado about nothing. Back-tracking slightly, you have always been one of the most interesting people on my list, and I do empathize with your situation as I'm in the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis. I can't sit for too long or stand for too long or walk for too long, yada-yada-yada! I'm doing everything that I can do to keep it at bay, but it's like any other struggle. Sometimes ya just don't wanna!

I won't say something trite like, I'm sending positive energy your way! But know that there is a sympathetic ear (or eye, in this case) lurking about.
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:18 am (UTC)
I'll take the trite, too, please ;)
Thank you for letting me know I'm in your select few. Heh... I feel kinda guilty now since I've pretty much abandoned this place for Facebook.

Actually, I've thought about it a while and I think *most* species are complaining. All those lovely chirping birds? Yeah, they're yelling things like, "Stay the f*** away from my berry patch you thieving bastard!! YOU! Outta my yard or I will end you! OH $#!+ CAT!! FLY! FLY! FLY! lol Dogs complain all the time!

Thank you for the compliments. They really do mean a lot to me. It reminds me there's a reason to fight this fight.

I'm so sorry to hear you have RA. I know that's one of the tough ones. Rebellion is completely natural and part of the process of learning new things. Doesn't make it fun my *any* stretch. But we can get to tolerable at least...

Thank you for letting me know you're out there ^_^

Oh! And check out the blogs I've linked to through MTLA. There are a few devoted to RA that are very good.

Dec. 25th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Re: I'll take the trite, too, please ;)
I'll check out the links and look for you on FB.

Happier holidays!
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:39 am (UTC)
Re: I'll take the trite, too, please ;)
Dec. 25th, 2011 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: I'll take the trite, too, please ;)
Oh...am I looking for Ragland or Curtis?
Dec. 31st, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
There have been days when I wished I could have articulated the gist of this article well enough to pass out flyers to people I talk to. Very well said.
Dec. 31st, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! It's rapidly moving to my second most popular post... I'm so pleased with the response! Makes me feel like I'm a contributing member of society again ^_^
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