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One of the funny things thatmy teacher made me practice for *years* was Stillness.

Stillness is turning off all magic. Setting all heightened senses to xero.

It was difficult. I didn't even understand wht he was talking abut until his wife demonstrated it for me.

Getting magical effects is sometimes tricky. But what a lot of people do is work to gt stronger and stronger. Any of us with powerful talents often practice to the point of being magical heavyweights. However, what's even more difficult, is trying to not be powerful at all.

Think of it in terms of billiards. Being able to hit the ball really hard is what some people exclusively practice. They get to the point that each cue strike rearranges every ball on the table.

But that's not how the pros play. They hit the ball softly, with just the right amount to put the cue and the balls exactly where they want them. And the way you get that skill is practicing softness, practicing using minimum power.

A lot of my magical awareness I take for granted. It's always on. It's how my eyes see. It's how my ears hear. And even non magical people notice it... everyone who's ever met me says I have an intense gaze.

I'm trying to practice Softness now. I practiced Stillness (though there's nothing you can really practice enough, especially Stillness). Now it's Softness's turn.

It's less fun than creating magic effects, but more important IMO. It's going to be a frustrating time, because these are so *automatic-reflex*. But as magic gets easier and easier in the coming days, the importance of exactness in my Intentions (and intentions for that matter...) has gotten just that more crucial.
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