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Got my book Autoimmune Diseases of the Endocrine System...

And though the dx isn't official, autoimmune hypophysitis looks like *exactly* what I have.

It explanes the migraines and their abnormally extreme nature.

It explains why my immune system is so severly compromised, beyond the normal suceptability with hypoadrenal/hypothyroidism.

It *also* explains how I've got hypopituitarism with signs of hypoparathyroidism, when these gland usually *don't* malfunction together (which explains my 4-5 kidney stones this Spring/Summer): about 20% of folks with ideopathic hypoparathyroidism had pituitary antibodies...

Which shows, at least in *my* family, that this autoimmune reaction is hereditary. Me and my Aunt Gege...

And it looks like we can get the dx from the IgG tests that Dr. Reif ordered.

Either way, I'm lending my book to her so she can read up on it. In 1990 (when the book was written), there were 28 known cases ever. That me and my Aunt Ge show the same sysptoms... That just may be completely new.
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