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And though the dx isn't official, autoimmune hypophysitis looks like *exactly* what I have.

It explanes the migraines and their abnormally extreme nature.

It explains why my immune system is so severly compromised, beyond the normal suceptability with hypoadrenal/hypothyroidism.

It *also* explains how I've got hypopituitarism with signs of hypoparathyroidism, when these gland usually *don't* malfunction together (which explains my 4-5 kidney stones this Spring/Summer): about 20% of folks with ideopathic hypoparathyroidism had pituitary antibodies...

Which shows, at least in *my* family, that this autoimmune reaction is hereditary. Me and my Aunt Gege...

And it looks like we can get the dx from the IgG tests that Dr. Reif ordered.

Either way, I'm lending my book to her so she can read up on it. In 1990 (when the book was written), there were 28 known cases ever. That me and my Aunt Ge show the same sysptoms... That just may be completely new.
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Sep. 17th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
I came to an odd conclusion last night. It's more than apparent that your intelligence level is far higher than most (than I've ran into anyways), and it makes me wonder what if it is all like an RPG and your health might be in jeopardy due to all your stat points being up in your head (well and you're very pretty too but that's besides the point :P). So I'm thinking, maybe one day, you should try being a complete idiot and see how it makes you feel. I'm serious.
Sep. 18th, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)
my life in rpg stats...
I've always said that my CON was shit and that the GM was only ever letting me stick my points in WIS. Yeah, a lot of my stats are high (INT, CHA, DEX)... But they were all bought with a lot of flaw points - sabotaging mother, severly dysfunctional home environment, lots of psycological trouble only mended as an adult...

Really, it's far more common in my family than I'd like to admit. I've got horror stories going back generations. Lots of glamor but equal (if not moreso) parts of grief. My family trees on both sides are epic tales of American royalty that put the Kennedeys to shame (they're so neauvo riche).

I can tell you more in email...

I don't think letting the brain go would help. I can tell you more about that in email as well.

Actually, I think this will work very much in my favor. I want to change the world. Or, at least, the US.
Apr. 6th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
I've tried... can't really do it. I do everything fast. The only difference I've ever known on Ritalin or dancing. Those are the only times my brain has ever shut up long enough for me to *do* something.
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