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[Law] cold medicine restrictions

There's a former cop now legislator in Missouri who is trying to pass a measure that would put all otc cold medicines behind the counter, and require a prescription from a doctor for any of them.

What a god-awful idea.

Not only is that an *insanely* excessive amount of red tape, not only does it place an unnecessary strain on an already over-burdened medical system, but (as it was pointed out to me), all it does is punish the poor.

First, who doesn't have insurance? Who can't afford to take time off work for a drs appointmnet? Who can't afford to take time off work when sick (and thus has a higher need to contol cold/flu symptoms)?

And what happens when the cost of illegal substances sky-rockets because supply outstrips demand?

That's a lot of money to make even highly risky activity look really worth it at the time...

Morality cannot be legislated. But suffering sure can be.

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